Stud Bolt, grade 8.8

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  • High Strength stud, nut, washer and connecting pairs are applied in the railway, bridge, industrial workshop, super department stores, venues, high civil buildings and wind tower structure:
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    Fatigue tests: M56 M48 M42 M39 stud bolt


    Grade 8.8 stud Dimension: according to customer’s drawing.

    Grade 8.8 stud Thread: Metric, UNC

    Grade 8.8 stud Chemical composition: according to ISO898-1 requirements.

    Grade 8.8 stud Mechanical and physical properties: Table 3, ISO 898-1

    • Tensile strength, Rm: min 830MPa
    • Stress at 0.2% non-proportional elongation, Rp0.2: 660 MPa
    • Percentage elongation after fracture for machined test pieces, A: min 12% 
    • Percentage reduction of area after fracture for machined test pieces, Z: min 52%
    • Vickers hardness: 255-335 HV
    • Brinell hardness: 242-318 HBW
    • Rockwell hardness: 23-34HRC
    • Surface hardness: HV0.3 shall not be more than 30 Vickers points above the measured core hardness of the fastener when determination of both surface hardness and core hardness are carried out with HV 0,3.
    • Impact strength, Kv, 20 ℃, 0℃,-20℃,-40℃,-100℃: 27J Customerized
    • Surface integrity: ISO 6157-1


    The stud bolts that produced by Anyang Longteng have high performance, high tensile strength. Impact energy of grade 8.8 bolts at -40℃ can be 80J, which means quite good performance in low temperature. So that the studs can be used in cold weather oil platform. Highest tensile strength that Anyang Longteng Group can produce, is grade 12.9. The bolts provide steel structures and machineries high property to bend, strength, pre-stress, post-tension. So that the studs are widely applicated in wind turbine foundation, wind turbine blade,  shipbuilding, bridge, big machineries. roof supporting, etc. 











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