M48 Gr 10.9 bolts 700KN for pretension turbular tower foundation

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An Anchor cage is composed by anchor bolts, 2 anchor plates(templates)-upper template(temporary template, upper anchor bolt), lower template(lower anchor bolt), Steel Nuts, seal nut(nylon nut), Washers(gaskets), adjusting feet assemblies, splice plates(connecting plates), PVC tubes, corrosion protecting grease, fabric,HDPE bolt caps(bolt hat) etc



Anchor bolts are the most important part in this assemblies in WTGS(wind turbine generator system) since this part will bear the pre-stress, pre-tensioning forces, and take responsibility for the stability of the whole turbine or tower. Our manufacturer have the most advanced facility of heat-treatment of steel round bars, which means the pre-stress bearing capacity, tensile strength, yield strength abilities are much higher than the international standards. That is the reason why many world-wide companies choose us.


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Anyang Longteng Heat Treatment Material Co.,Ltd is a threaded bolt manufacturer. We provide heat treatment services, cold thread, random length, bolt assemblies supply. Contact [email protected] for a free quote.

We produce 42CrMoA steel bolts for wind turbine foundation anchor cages. 42CrMoA is a high level alloy steel grade of GB standard, which equal to A193 B7. This replacement has been proven by many overseas clients. Contact us, we will send you original mill test certificate of 42CrMoA.

Rod Properties:

Property Class:  8.8  9.8  10.9  12.9

Diameter :  M16 to M56

Tensile Strength :  860 MPa, 900MPa, 1040Mpa, 1220Mpa , or according to client’s requirements.

Yield strength :  600 MPa, 650 MPa, 830 MPa, 970 MPa, or according to client’s requirements.

-40 ℃ Impact energy: higher than 27J

Rockwell Hardness HRC: 23 to 44, or according to client’s requirements.





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