DIN EN ISO 8765 GR.8.8 10.9 Hexagon head bolts with metric fine thread

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Alloy Hex head bolt with a hexagonal head and machined threads, functions in fastening 2 different parts with a nut, can be manufactured in alloy steel materials (42CrMo, 40CrNiMoA, 35CrMo, 20MnTiB) and into various sizes for specific uses, which is designed to be installed using a spanner. Hexagon bolts are also generally available in large sizes

Bolt Fasteners is a professional large size (M16-M80) high tensile hex head bolt manufacturer, we sell large size hex bolt for high precision, heavy-duty fastening application, widely used in structural and industrial industries, automotive to marine, coastal, and high-temperature environments. Our Hex Head are featured with high tensile strength, cost-effective and wear and tear-resistant, high temperature and low-temperature applications.

Half-threaded hexagon bolts. 8.8, 10.9, and other high-grade hexagon head bolts can be provided, which are suitable for high-temperature environments, marine and coastal operations, and have high anti-corrosion performance.

Chamfered end (CH in accordance with ISO 4753.

Incomplete thread us2Pwhere Pis the fine pitch specified in Tables 1to 5

1emax=1nom-band1smn=em-5Pwhere Pis the coarse pitch in accordance with ISO 262.

Shortest standard length determined with 5d for thread size 8 mm, 4,5d for 10 mm, 4d for 12 mm to 22 mm

3.75d for 24mm to 60mm and rounded (if necessary) to the nearest standard length; shortest standard length

1 nom= 220 mm for 64 mm.

Greatest standard length 1nom ≤ 10d or 500 mm, whichever is the shorter