CE – Post tension bar system, PT bar

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LT PT bolts are manufactured by specific industrial process including heat-treatment that ensures increased mechanical characteristics. 

Diameters: M64 M56 M48 M42 M39 M36, customers’ technical requirements

Length: 1~11.8 meters

Property Class: 8.8  9.8 10.9 12.9

Accessories: Nut, plain washer, dome/spherical nut, dome/spherical washer, coupler

Thread: cut thread, rolled thread

Thread length: Acc. to customers’ technical requirements

Thread tolerance: ISO 965-1, 6g

Rod standard: ISO 898

NDT inspection: 100% megnectic partical test, 100% ultrasonic test

Inspection document: EN 10204  type 3.1, type  3.2




Wind turbines

Pre-stressing structure

Ground anchors, rock bolts for mining, tunneling,roof supporting

Tie rods for marine works



Nuclear containment vessels

Art structures

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