Peoperty Class Gr. 10.9 Anchor Bolts Assemblies,Solid Anchor Stud, Anchor cage, Wind tower fasteners LT on-shore wind turbine foundation base, prestress, precompression, pre-tensioning, post-tensioning, China manufacturer supplier for sell

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  • Anchor Bolt Steel Grades: 42CrM; 35CrM; as customer requirement
  • Accessories Steel Grades: Q345E, 40Cr, 45#; as customer requirement
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     wind turbine foundation anchor cage淖毛湖新疆哈密三塘湖项目1

    An Anchor cage is composed by anchor bolts, 2 anchor plates(templates)-upper template(temporary template, upper anchor bolt), lower template(lower anchor bolt), Steel Nuts, seal nut(nylon nut), Washers(gaskets), adjusting feet assemblies, splice plates(connecting plates), PVC tubes, corrosion protecting grease, fabric,HDPE bolt caps(bolt hat) etc



    Anchor bolts are the most important part in this assemblies in WTGS(wind turbine generator system) since this part will bear the pre-stress, pre-tensioning forces, and take responsibility for the stability of the whole turbine or tower. Our manufacturer have the most advanced facility of heat-treatment of steel round bars, which means the pre-stress bearing capacity, tensile strength, yield strength abilities are much higher than the international standards. That is the reason why many world-wide companies choose us. 


    Mechanical Properties of Class 10.9 Bolt


    BOLT 10.9
    D Nom Diameter at smooth part Pitch Cross Section Yield force Ultimate force
    mm mm mm mm² KN KN
    M36 33.23-33.29 4 817 768 735
    M39 36.23-36.29 4 976 917 878
    M42 38.90-38.96 4.5 1120 1052 1008
    M48 44.56-44.63 5 1400 1381 1528
    M56 52.22-52.30 5.5 2030 1908 2111


    Diameter : M16~M56

    Tensile strength, Rm of Grade 10.9: min 1040 MPa, 152ksi

    Yield strength, RP0.2 of Grade 10.9: min 940 MPa, 138ksi

    Stress under prrof load: 830 MPa

    Elongation, A%: 10

    Reduction rate, Z%: 50

    Hardness: 32~39 HRC, 320~380 HV

    Impact energy -40℃: 35J


    Manufacture Process


    Raw Material Test  — Normalizing — Sand blasting — Drawing & Straightening — Heat Treatment

    — UT Test — Saw cutting — Chamfer — Polishing — Screw thread — Tensile test — Marking —

    QC Test — Anti-corrosion Test — Stock




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