New Product – Stud Bolt for Wind Turbine Blade Root












Anyang Longteng Heat Treatment Material Co.,Ltd is now developing new products towards the market. With long term connection in Wind energy industry, we have fruitful experience to produce high strength anchor bolt cage assembly for wind turbine foundation. Hence, a new product is now available in Anyang Longteng Group.

Wind turbine blade bolt is one style of high strength fasteners, applied for connection and transmission of wind turbine generator’s rotor blade. 

Most of the specifications for Blade root bolts are M33×128, M30×428, Grade 10.9, but Anyang Longteng Group is also able to produce other specifications as following:

Application High strength bolt at root position of the wind turbine blade
Standard GB/T901, or clients’ requirements
Material 42CrMoA40CrNiMo
Property class 8.810.912.9
Specification M27-M64
Length 100-4000mm
Coating oilblackdacromet zinc spray
Advantage High product performance, Impact energy up to 60J, high precision in dimension




Post time: Apr-19-2021