Depth of Decarburization – stud bolt inspection in Anyang Longteng Heat Treatment Material Co.,Ltd

(1)Decarburization of anchor bolts shall be performed by Metallographic  method according to GB/T3098.1 regulations. 

(2)Decarburization of threaded parts shall be performed by metallographic method according to GB/T224-2008 “Determination of depth of decarburization of steels”. 

(3)Specimen shall be taken from longitudinal cross-section of finished anchor bolt products.

Test results shall in accordiance with below Table 

                               Decarburization measurement of anchor bolts 

Decarburization Grade
8.8 10.9
Min Height of partial-decarburization on threads  E 1/2H1 2/3H1
Max Depth of complete decarburization on thread G /mm 0.015
Max Height of partial-decarburization on roots  mm 0.050
Depth of complete decarburization on roots  mm 0.00

 H1 refers to max pitch hight 


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Post time: Aug-25-2021