Closing to an end – Construction for Continuous Rolling Production line for φ114 Seamless Pipe

The land of northern Henan in March is full of fresh green and vibrant. Yulong Group’s Anyang Longteng Φ114 hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production line project has entered a decisive battle, and the front-line employees are rolling up their sleeves and working hard.

At the project construction site, more than one hundred employees are working day and night to install equipment in an intense and orderly manner. The tandem tube mill adopts a continuous three-roller hydraulic pressure reduction roll stand, and is equipped with a mandrel circulation limit system, which can be efficient, alternatively, as a result, the main equipment such as piercing machine, tandem rolling mill, straightening machine, cooling bed, etc. Almost all have arrived at the factory, and 90% of the installation has been completed. Among them, the installation of the ring furnace is nearing completion. It is expected that there will be some furnace conditions in early April.

The start of the project, the construction of the plant, the main equipment entering the factory, and the installation… The full advancement of the scheduled time routine is a sonorous and powerful endeavour of Anyang Longteng of Yulong Group.
All employees of Anyang Longteng Yulong Group are highly conscious and self-disciplined, full of enthusiasm to grasp the traces of iron, full of construction pride, overcoming obstacles, and forging ahead, for the project to be put into production as soon as possible, Yulong Group is accumulating strong driving force for its transformation and development!


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Post time: Mar-27-2021