The Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress inspected Anyang Longteng

On August 24, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress organized some members of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress and representatives of the Municipal People’s Congress to conduct a centralized inspection of the implementation of the city’s national economic and social development plan in the first half of the year. Xu Jiaping, director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, deputy directors Zhang Baoxiang, Zhang Ling, Cheng Lijun, Wang Jianguo, Du Jianxun, Sang Jianye, and Secretary-General Cheng Xinhui attended the inspection.

Chen Zhiwei, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, and responsible comrades of the Municipal Government Office, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the Municipal Finance Bureau, and the Municipal Key Project Construction Service Center accompanied the inspection.


Xu Jiaping and his entourage successively went deep into the 100,000-spindle high-end combed cotton yarn textile project of Anyang Yuzhijin Textile Company, Yulong Pipe Industry Project, “Induction of Heat into An” Heating Project, City Cultural and Sports Center Project, and South-to-North Water Diversion Project in Anyang City, West China, Linzhou Hongqiqu Public Service Center, Linzhou Construction Vocational Technical College Project, Anyang Section along Taihang Expressway, Henan Xuyangguang Electric Company’s high-end display cover glass project site, on-site inspection of enterprise transformation and upgrading, urban and rural infrastructure construction, public The construction of cultural services, etc., carefully listen to the reports of the municipal government and relevant departments, and learn more about the economic operation of the city in the first half of the year.

Since the beginning of this year, in the face of the complex and severe external environment and the contradictions in economic recovery, our city has continued to consolidate and expand the results of epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, solidly do the “six stability” work, and fully implement the “six guarantees” task. In the first half of the year, all major economic indicators of the city maintained steady and restorative growth. The members and representatives of the Standing Committee fully affirmed the city’s efforts to stabilize the economic operation, stimulate the vitality of market entities, insist on innovation-driven leadership, and pay close attention to the overall development of urban and rural areas, and combined with the inspection results, proposed to increase support for enterprises and support the growth of emerging Opinions and suggestions from industry, etc.


During the inspection, Xu Jiaping pointed out that in recent times, our city is experiencing the severe test of the double superimposition of floods and epidemics. Focusing on completing the annual economic and social development goals and tasks, we must resolutely implement our province’s “transformation into the key, the project is the king, and the reform is the The overall requirements of “innovation first”, with projects as the starting point, strengthen planning and reserves for projects in key areas such as advanced manufacturing, new infrastructure, and social and people’s livelihoods, accelerate the integration and reorganization of resources in steel and coking enterprises, and transform and upgrade traditional industries. , The focus on the cultivation of emerging industries and the layout of future industry plans are integrated, setting off an upsurge in project construction, and achieving high-quality development in Anyang in the construction of a new development pattern. Second, we must combine post-disaster reconstruction work to further understand the situation of disaster-stricken private enterprises, assist the disaster-stricken enterprises to actively seek for the central government, provincial party committee and provincial government post-disaster recovery and reconstruction assistance subsidies and related policy support, act as a good bridge, guide work, and win the battle. The two tough battles of epidemic prevention and control and post-disaster reconstruction provide fundamental guarantees. Third, we must adhere to a problem-oriented approach, and use the “Ten Thousands of People to Help Ten Thousand Enterprises” campaign as a starting point to push cadres at all levels to succumb to the front line, and effectively help enterprises solve the element guarantees, employment social security, and financial support encountered in the resumption of work and production. Other practical difficulties, assist enterprises to increase power, improve efficiency, and advance, and make contributions to the city’s “14th Five-Year Plan” for a good start and a good start with tangible work measures.

Post time: Sep-15-2021