Go Wuhan, Go China ! Anyang Longteng ‘s Measures
















Anyang Longteng Group donated 1,000,000 RMB to help defeat corona virus.

Till now, China has been under the pressure of coronavirus for over a month. During this time, our people always believe that we will get through this very very soon.

Considering the situation, combining government guidelines, our leadership gave a fast reation against the virus. After all, life is always priority. 

Our measures:

1. Every leader must take responsibility towards their teams.

2. Check every staff’s body temperature everyday. Check every staff’s contacting information; Check every strangers. 

3. Keep all information clear to the government

4. Obey orders and suggestions from scientists and government.

5. Spray 84 disinfectant at working area at least 2 times a day, spray disinfection liquid to each person when coming in and out.

6. Training every staff about coronavirus preventing information.

7.  No aggregate activities, no business trips; more online meetings

8. Every staff should protect themselves. Wash hands frequently, factory provide enough medical masks, and staffs should wear mask every day; etc.

Production will continue, life will continue, China will resist fighting. Go Wuhan, Go China, Go everyone !

Post time: Mar-09-2020