The 21st Suzhou Fasteners and Technology Exhibition


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The 21st Suzhou Fasteners and Technology Exhibition, time: October 27-29, 2021, location: Suzhou International Expo Center


Anyang Longteng Heat Treatment Material Co.,Ltd established in 19th Jan. 2005, with more than 147,890,000 RMB registered capital, total area 300 acres, building area 100,000 square meters, 500 employees. Main products are wind turbine foundation prestress anchor bolt, anchor plate, turbine bolt, high strength heat-treated tie rod, super-high-strength heat-treated rock bolt rebarm hot-rolled seamless steel pipes, prestress heat-treated concrete rebars, widely applied in widge, highway, railway, tunnel, new energy, mining, steel structurer, rebar concrete structure, etc.



Post time: Nov-08-2021