TEST REPORT – Left hand φ20mm Rock bolt Grade Fe500 HRB500 MG500

Rock anchor bolt is the most basic part of tunnel support in contemporary coal mine, it can help to strengthens the surrounding rocks of the tunnel together. Now the anchor is not only used in mine, but also used in engineering technology to reinforce the main body of slope, tunnel and dam.


20mm Diameter Mechanical report                                    

Test No. E18040816-1 Steel Grade HRB500
Test Date: 2018/4/19 Inspector  
Sample Shape: Rebar Diameter(mm) 20
So(mm²) 314.16 Standard distance rate  
Lo(mm) 100 Extensometer gauge length 50
Lu(mm) 126 A(%) 26
Section Size   Su(mm²)  
Z(%) / Fm(KN) 244.25
Rm(MPa) 777 FeH(KN) 178.75
ReH(MPa) 569 FeL(KN) 179.05
ReL(MPa) 570 Fp(KN) 178.9
Rp(MPa) 569 Ft(KN) 4.5
Rt(MPa) 14 E(GPa) 1.97
Yield Ratio 0.73 Fu/Fy 1.36
At% / Agt(%) 113.5


Left hand rebar picture:                                                           




  • Coal mining
  • Hard rock mining
  • Civil construction
  • General construction
  • Geotechnical and Shoreline
  • Bridges
  • Dams
  • Infrastructure
  • Tunnels


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