Technical specifications for anchor bolt assembly for foundation of wind turbine generator system






















1.  The anchor bolt assembly shall include upper and lower anchor plates and anchor bolt as a minimum. Upper anchor plate has the functions of distributing loads, facilitating alignment and optimizing lifting and construction.
2. The number of anchor bolts and the bolt circle diameter shall be determined based on the T-shaped lower flange of the tower. The length of the anchor bolt is to be determined by the designer. Design values of tensioning force are 70% of yield strength. (eg shown in Table 1)
3. Anyang Longteng Heat Treatment is a professional manufacturer which meet ISO 898-1 Mechanical properties of fasteners made of carbon steel and alloy steel, Q/GW 206066-2016  Technical specifications for anchor bolt assembly for foundation of wind turbine generator system, or technical requirements even higher. 
4. The construction contractor shall perform installation process according to the foundation shop drawing provided by the designer.


Table 1- Example of Specification and design tensioning force of anchor bolt

Specification of Anchor Bolt Diameter of Anchor Bolt, mm Design Tensioning Force, KN
M48 -10.9 48




Anchor bolt product Specifications Chart – Anyang Longteng Heat Treatment Material Co.,Ltd

  Grade   Dia  Tensile Strength
Rm MPa
Stress at 0.2% non-proportional elongation, Rp0.2 MPa Stress Under
Proof Load SPf MPa
Percentage Elongation after
fracture for machine test pieces, A, %
Percentage reduction of area after fracture  for machine test oieces, Z, %  Rockwell Hardness
Bolt Length
strength at -40 ℃
min max max
8.8    M16~M56 830 660 600 12 52 23 34    12000    27
9.8 900 720 650 10 48 28 37
10.9 1040 940 830 9 48 32 39
12.9 1220 1100 970 8 44 39 44

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