Regular Tests For Anchor Bolt Foundation of Wind Turbine Generator System












Anyang Longteng Heat Treatment Material Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer for anchor bolt assembly, which meet technical specifications of GOLDWIND, GE, ENVISION, SANY, TIANRUN, MINGYANG, SHANGHAI ELECTRIC.

According to Anyang Longteng self quality control plan, we’d like to share our regular tests. We list a regular test example of one same project as below. Please noted this tests are only for anchor bolt of Wind turbine foundation. Any other technical requirements, please contact us, our engineers will attend discussion. 


3rd Party Inspection
1 Chemical composition test
2 Decarburization on smooth part
3 Decarburization on thread
4 Fatigue test
5 Impact energy
6 Mechanical properties tests
7 Proof load test
8 Stress relaxation tests


Self Inspection
1 Raw material inspection
2 Decarburization on thread
3 Decarburization on smooth part
4 Grain size
5 Magnetic particle test
6 Mechanical properties tests
7 Metallographic structure


Please contact us for test result documents:

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Post time: Jan-14-2021