REAL CASE SHARING : To use 600MPa rock bolt replace 335MPa

Traditional rebar rock bolts are mostly low yield strenth, for example, 335 MPa which shall lead to more wasting,  bad anti-earthquake performances. Anyang Longteng Heat Treament Material Co.,Ltd and China Coal Research Institute CCRI develop heat-treated rebar to improve rebar’s strength. 


  • *much safer
  • *longer lifespan
  • *high performance
  • *decrease pollution
  • *high profit




Coalmine: Si’Ma Coalmine

Measure: To choose φ18mm 600MPa heat-treated rebar to replace φ22mm 335MPa, while bolts spacing keep the same.


Rock Bolt Solution Working Capacity Weight Per Meter
355MPa  φ22 17.6 Ton 18% improved 2.98 Kg/m 33% saved
600MPa  φ18 20.8 Ton 2.00 Kg/m


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Post time: Mar-12-2020