Quality Control System for Resin Rock Bolt

1. Definition of Procedure Test: is a Quality test on specific procedures of resin rock bolt production except the procedures after packaging steps.


2. Quality tester should perform first inspection on below procedures. Production will continue only with first inspection pass.

2.1 Heat-treatment procedure

After heat-treatment, Test if bars’ appearance, dimension and mechanical properties conform to requirement of Production Order. Unqualified materials should be remove in a specific place. Take 3 pieces each bundle to perform mechanical properties tests. Production continues if tests pass, other wise the main control system should be adjusted to requirements.

2.2 Cutting Procedure

According to dimensional requirements on drawings, adjust the cutting machine, fix the distance between blade and locating block.

2.2.1 Test properties: Bar length, angle of cutted end.

2.2.2 Instrument: Tape (scale interval 1mm)

2.2.3 Test methods: Bar length: Measure distance between two top ends by steel taps, with tolerance ±10mm. 4 times of tests shall be performed by every shift. Cutting angle: Visual test if one end (anchoring end) of each bar is 40~60° beveled end.

2.3 Reducing diameter: According to target diameter and length before threading procedure, reduce steel rebar’s one end by diameter reducing machine.

2.3.1 Test item: Length of reducing portion, reduced diameter

2.3.2 Instrument: Steel tape (scale interval 1mm), caliper (scale interval 0.02mm)

2.3.3 Test method: Test length of reduced portion: measure length of reduced portion by steel tape, results must be (80~150)mm±5mm. Test reduced diameter: measure diameter of reduced portion, test 3 times at each 3 random point, average the values, and keep two digits after decimal.

specification reference:

Nominal Diameter φ16 φ18 φ20 φ22
Reduced Diameter MAX 16.29 18.29 20.29 21.95
MIN 16.14 18.14 20.14 21.80

Reduced diameter, length, and surface condition must be tested. Perform one test by caliper every 10 peice of bars. Diameter tolerance should be φ+0.1 or +0.2; length tolerance should be 150±5mm; surface should be smooth and free of curves.

2.4 Threading: Produce the reduced portion into standard threads by thread rolling machine.

2.4.1 Test items: Thread length, thread diameter, pitch

2.4.2 Instrument: Steel tape (scale interval 1mm), Ring gauge(precision 6g), pitch model(60°)

2.4.3 Test method Thread length: Measure the maximum of thread length by steel tapes; Thread diameter: Choose a proper ring gauge to test thread diameter, go-gauge pass and no gauge not pass. Pitch: Choose a proper pitch model, test pitch at a vertical angle;

Technical requirements as follows:

Nominal Diameter φ16 φ18 φ20 φ22
Thread Length 80~150 ±5 80~150 ±5 80~150 ±5 80~150 ±5
Pitch 2.5 2.5 2.5 3
Thread Diameter Test by corresponding ring gauge, go-gauge pass and no gauge not pass.


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