PSB400 PSB500 PSB785 PSB830 PSB930 PSB1080 Steel Rebars










P – Prestressing

S – Screw-thread

B – Bars

Screw-thread steel bars for the prestressing of concrete (also known as the finishing rolling rebar or reinforcing rebar) is reinforced straight steel rebar of large diameter with high strength and high dimensional accuracy external thread. This kind of rebar can be connected at any cross section with rebar coupler for anchoring and connection of two rebars.

This kind of reinforcing rebar is widely used in large-scale water conservancy projects, continuous beam in industrial and civil building and large frame structure, large and medium sized cabled-stayed bridges for highways and railways, nuclear power station and ground anchoring projects. It plays role of easy connection and anchoring with strong adhesion, solid stretching and anchoring. It’s not only convenient for construction work, but also save steels, area, and weight of component









Post time: Jan-11-2019