LT Production Key Process for Rock bolt manufacturing

Anyang Longteng Heat Treatment Material Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture and trading combo for yielding bolt, anchor bolt, rock bolt support system, ductile rock bolt for rock burst applications.   We would like to share the most common production procedure. Please well noted that this is just an example. In reality, we shall combine with the clients requirements and bolt specifications, dimensions, etc, and make some adjustment plans.

Rock bolt production flaw



1. QT

quenching and tempering on raw materials.

1.1 Study assignment book carefully, handle steel rebar raw material stocking position, manufacturer, heat number, dimensions, steel grade, etc.

1.2 Load materials for preparation. During this step, workers on duty should visually check the appearance of materials. rebars with Any big defeat on the surface and straightness should be deleted and never use.

1.3 Heating for Quenching step.  Operator should keep at least 1 meter from the mid-frequency furnace, in case harmful heat damage to humans. Heating temperature range is 780-910℃.

1.4 Quenching and Spray . Water pressure and flow gauge should be observed and kept stable. Water capacity should be according to specific requirements.

1.5 tempering and tempering spray are the second time quench heating and spray. Heating temperature will be determined based on yield strength requirement and class level, with range 600-600℃. Water temper keeps 70-80℃.

1.6 Cooling Bed: Steel rebars cool naturally.

1.7 Package finished heat-treated rebars.









2. According to drawings, adjust cutting angle and length requirements.

图片1 图片2











3. Reducing diameter. Reduce one top of steel rebar, with required length, to meet the target pre-thread diameter by a diameter reducing machine.

图片3 图片4











4. Straighten by straightening machine. 


5. Cold rolled thread. Thread the reduced portion into target standard threads.

图片5 图片6











6. Packaging. One bundle is composed of 5 set of rock bolts which are tied by belts.Or acc. to clients request.









7. Stock in. Qualified products should be tagged and stocked.

Rock bolt1













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