Pre-stressed Grout Rock Bolt Advantages – Anyang Longteng Heat Treatment Material Co.,Ltd

Anyang Heat Treatment Material Co.,Ltd manufacture prestressed threaded bar-Rock anchor bolts.

Threaded bar bolt is composed of screw thread steel bar, high strength washer plate, casting damping nut, yield tube and other accessories. According to the structure, bolt has two types: rib rebar bolt and Bob-rebar bolt.

The bolt is usually used in thick coal seam, that has high stress, large deformation, and difficult to support and other poor environment.


  1.  Low price, widely applied in coal mines, railways, hydro power and other types of products.
  2. Thread profile has higher strength than rod and offers excellent mixing capabilities in resins installation;
  3. Our rock bolt products have been used in high stressed  large deformed area;
  4. Our rock bolt products have been used with resin anchoring cartridge for permanent support.
  5. Fast and east installation by mechanized tools
  6. Our bolts have high tensile strength, good support capacity can prevent the roof from sinking down, and the strata sliding.


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Post time: Nov-08-2018