polish bright round bar, polished stainless steel round bar for exporting, not stainless

The purpose of the peeling and polishing process is to remove decarburized layer and surface rolling defect on anchor bars,and to guarantee the steel bars’ out-of- roundness not more than 0.05mm

A、peeling: to ensure remove decarburized layer(Total layer’s depth is 0mm) and surface rolling defect.

peeling machine


B. Polishing:Improve the surface smoothness (rough≤3.0μm) of steel bars

polishing maching


C. For traceablity, after polishing qualifed,on each bar’s top end,within 50mm to top, mark the last 6 production numbers by laser marking machine for traceablity.

Marking after polished



Above process is the 4th step for producing heavy duty, high strength, high tensile,  anchor bolt, soil anchor bolt, foundation anchor bolt, wind power anchor bolt, ground anchor, earth anchor, ground screw anchor, soil anchors,anchor cage, foundation anchor cage, wind power anchor cage, floor anchor, anchor foundation, foundation base mat, wind farm, fan base, pre-stressed ground anchors.



Post time: Dec-19-2020