Raw Materials QC Test After Stock in

After stock in, take samples in propotion. Test items are chemical composition, macrostructure,non-mettalic inclusion,crystal degree,decarburized layer,tensile test,impulse test, ultrasonic test etc. Materials that psss all above test items can be used.

Spark OEM  chemical compositions by spark Spectrometer


500 Times Metalloscope                Macrostructure and nonmetallic inclusions by metalloscope


digital ultrasonic detector_副本           Inspection for internal defects by digital ultrasonic


Confirm qualified materials with their steel grade,specifications,qualified marks,then hoist them on material bed.

On each bar’s top end,within 50mm to top, mark the last 6 production numbers by laser marking machine for traceablity.





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Post time: Jan-24-2021