Joint vaccination to build the Great Wall of Epidemic Prevention

All kinds of seeds should be planted, vaccinated voluntarily, and vaccinated free of charge.

On May 8th, Anyang Longteng employees began to vaccinate the new crown vaccine in time, by stages, and in batches.

In order to let employees know and voluntarily participate in the vaccination, on the one hand, Anhuanke will do a good job of pre-publicity and guidance, let employees understand the importance, safety and effectiveness of the new crown vaccine; on the one hand, it will organize and coordinate work with the North Mongolia office. Actively cooperate and organize employees who meet the requirements for new crown vaccination to register and file.

In this new crown vaccination work, a total of more than 260 people were vaccinated with the knowledge and willingness of the employees, so as to “take everything that should be done” and build an immune barrier for the population.

To build the “Immune Great Wall” as soon as possible requires your “arm”.

The second shot of the new crown vaccine, make an appointment~

Only if everyone is safe, each of us will be safe!


Post time: Jun-11-2021