How to ensure traceability ?

What Is Traceability?

Traceability is an ability to trace something. It is applicable in different fields, including software development and healthcare. Across industries, traceability is used to comply with regulations and minimize risk.

Products Traceability is the ability to trace from raw material to deliver finished products.

For our high strength steel round bar and bolts products, traceability is used to give customers the history of our products and to help us keep track of any products. In some cases, traceability is mandated by customer’s contract or regulations.

Why traceability is so important?

Product recalls, supplier quality issues, increasing customer demands, for manufactures, these are all problems that can quickly pop up and throw a huge wrench in the operation gears, significantly impacting the bottom line.Dealing with them efficiently and effectively is key to keeping operations running smoothly and customers happy.

How do LT  achieve traceability?


Since the very beginning, the raw material end, we will begin to mark each piece of steel bar: Production Line Number + Date+ Piece Number






During production procedures, a mark should be rebuilt whenever the previous mark is removed. For example, when pealing and polishing the surface.







 And when the steel bars need to be cut into the final length that customers required. These marks will be cut off, so new marks will be print on one top of the bar.








 So on the final products, one top will be a production mark like above pictures, and this top will be embeded deep under the grout or earth. Another top, which is exposed, will be marked in another way. For the convinience of tensioning work and turbine construction, this mark will be LT(Anyang Longteng) + 8.8 (property grade) + 42(M42 thread size) + Turbine number(No. 13 turbine) + Bolt number(4th bolt in this turbine)












“Production records”, “Procedure control records”, “Wind turbine foundation bolts packing lists”

风机组包1 锯切不合格报告单 原料低倍-1










These three pictures are just a small part of what is there. Contact us for more information.

Post time: Sep-02-2019