Hex head bolt DIN933

Hex head bolt can be divided as full thread hex bolt DIN933 and half-thread hex bolt DIN931.

DIN933 hexagon bolt is similar to ISO4017 and GB/T 5783.




DIN933 is a bolt standarding for fully threaded hex bolt with thread diameter M1.6 ~M52, product grade: Grade A, Grade B.  Grade A, d≤24mm, l ≤10d or l ≤150mm. Grade B: d >24mm or l >10d or 1>150mm. Value for s, e, k of grade A and Grade B are different.

In common orders, hex bolt are M3-M64, with property class 8.8, 10.9, according to ISO 898-1.

Thread tolerance and Coating: DIN933 hex bolt thread should be course thread or fine thread, dimension in mm. Tolerance for course thread is 6g. Coating methods are black oxide, electric galvanized, hot dip galvanized, etc. Thread tolerance before threading should be 6g/6H, tolerance after coating should be 6h/6g.


Post time: Jan-10-2022