Fine Grinding+ Thread Rolling Process-Produce high strength anchor bolt (Decription & Vedio)

Fine Grinding:                                                                                                                                                        

Grinding the front end, make sure that after the thread is formed, the thread accuracy should be 6g.


Rod Diameter              Diameter after grinding

35 mm                                   33.22~33.32 mm

40 mm                                  38.88~38.95 mm

45 mm                                  44.50~44.80 mm

53mm                                   52.15~52.35 mm




Thread Rolling:                                                                                                                                              

Rolling thread into requested length according to drawings, and measure the length by regular rules piece by piece. Make sure 100% qualified. GB/T 196 – GB/T 197 ISO 724:1993

More information for standard, please refer to our download page in this website.

Rolling steps:

1. According to the requirements of ” thread rolling notice”, workers choose proper rollers, guiding board, and adjust oil pressure, then write on the rolling record notebook and production procedure card carefully.

2. Requirements: locate the roller from radial direction, use ring-shape roller to pull thread to the settled position. After formed, thread should be tested easily to pass by screw thread ring gauge with a slightly motion, without any blocks or sluggish. Thread gauge should only pass not more than 2 pitch.


Thread Rolling Cylindrical Dies Specification

Size Rolling
Cylindrical Dies
Oil Pressure in
radial direction
Annular oil pressure
Φ35mm(M36) M36*4 10~13 6~8
Φ40mm(M42) M42*4.5 10~13 6~8
Φ45mm(M48) M48*5 12~13 8~9
Φ53mm(M56) M56*5.5 13 13

Note: if anchor bolt or hold down bolt sizes are not in above list, should follow the “thread rolling notice”

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