LT Employees Take Examination Regularly

Anyang Longteng Heat Treatment Material Co.,Ltd always pays its attention on its employees’ working ability. Since human resources are always the core reason for a enterprise developing . We know that only we can keep the employees high skilled and trained, our factory could be creative, and keep on innovation and productive. 

The examinations will be held on regular basis, and the results will be an important reference for individual annual evaluation.  Employees with good evaluation will be awarded, otherwise punished. 

LT mainly provide high duty high strength steel bolts and pipes to the market, so the quality is always our root, and help us compete. Our high strength anchor bolt, for example,  is one of the best in China, highly reputed in domestic and oversea customers. Good quality is the key. This is a basic thoughts in all of LT people.


Post time: Dec-13-2018