DIN EN 10278 1999 Dimensions and tolerances of bright steel products

European standard EN 10278:1999 has the status of a DIN Standard,

Previous editions

DIN 174 DIN 175 DIN 176 DIN 178 DIN 668 DIN 671 DIN59360 DIN 59361

1. Scope 

This European Standard applies to bright steel products in the drawn, turned or ground condition delivered in straight lengths.

It does not cover cold rolled products and cut lengths produced from strip or sheet by cutting. 

2. Normative references

3. Definitions

For the purpose of this European Standard the following definition applies in addition to the definitions in EN 10079 for drawn products. 3.1 Out of round: The difference between the least and greatest dimension measured across the pairs of opposing points at a common cross section.

4. Information to be supplied by the purchaser

4.1 Mandatory Information The following information shall be supplied by the purchaser at the time of enquiry and order:

a) the quantity(mas, number of bars) to be delivered;

b) the shape of the product(e.g. round, hexagon, square, flat);

c) the number of this European standard;

d) the dimensions and tolerances on dimensions and shape;

e) Reference to the material standard including the number of the park(e.g. EN 10277-3);

f) steel name or steel number;

g) the finished condition;

h) the class of surface quality (see EN 10277-1) where appropriate;


2t rounds EN 10278-20h9 x stock 6000 EN 10277-3-38SMn28+C-class 3

or  2t rounds EN 10278-20h9 x stock 6000 EN 10277-3-1.0760+C-class 3


10t rounds EN 10287-50h8 x stock 3000 EN 10088-3-X5CrNi18-10+2P-class 2

or 10t rounds EN 10287-50h8 x stock 3000 EN 10088-3-1.4301-10+2P-class 2

4.2 Supplementary information

The following supplementary information may be supplied by the purchaser and as agreed with the manufacturer:

a) disposition of tolerances (see A.1);

b) end condition (see A.2);

c) straightness (see 6.4);

d) if required, the type of inspection document in accordance with EN 10204.  

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