CPPCC Visit Yulong Group’s New Plant- Anyang Longteng φ114 seamless pipe production line114

On 28th July 2020, representatives of the Chinese people’s political consaltative conference(CPPCC) visited Anyang Longteng φ114 seamless pipe new production line. 

Mr. Bob Feng, General Manager of Anyang Longteng Heat Treatment Material Co.,Ltd gave a brif introduction to our visitors. 

YULONG group is a private-own group company manufacturing and selling coke, green building materials, seamless pipes, QT high strength bolt, owning 5 subsidiaries: Henan Yulong Coking Ltd, Anyang Longteng Heat Treatment Material Co.,Ltd, Anyang Tengsheng New materials Co.,Ltd, Anyang Lichuang trading Co.,Ltd, Anyang Yitong Transportation Co.,Ltd. 

For the next 10 years, Yulong Group’s development plan is: 

1. Counting on technoloy and location advatage continues providing construction material products. 

2. Take efforts to provide high quality high capacity seamless pipes

3. Providing high strength fasteners for wind turbines, autos, bridges, machineries.

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Post time: Jul-31-2020