Condense the heart & gather strength, work hard for 100 days

At 7:00 on July 2nd, Anyang Longteng’s “Condense the heart & gather strength, work hard for 100 days” mobilization meeting was held in front of the office building of the company.More than 200 employees and management personnel from each workshop attended the meeting. General Manager Feng Bo made a mobilization report at the meeting.

At the meeting, Feng Bo summarized the company’s production and operation, R&D and innovation situation from January to June 2021, and put forward the requirements for the activity of “condenses heart and gather strength, and works hard for 100 days”.

He pointed out that the units should be through the first half of the production and operation of the situation, see clearly their strengths and weaknesses, on the standard of the overall target for the whole year, in the “dry 100 days” activities to highlight the key, targeted, to ensure that the company’s annual production and operation target completed as scheduled.

He required that each workshop and department should compare their respective functions and targets and tasks, formulate measures and plans with strong operability, specify targets, decompose tasks, and make reasonable scheduling arrangements, so as to put all targets and tasks into practice from the perspective of production, operation and management.
































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Post time: Jul-10-2021