Coarse thread VS fine thread



















Coarse thread

What’s coarse thread? The so-called rough teeth are actually refers to the standard thread, in the absence of special instructions, we generally buy stainless steel screws and other fasteners are rough teeth.

it has high strength, good interchangeability, and the standard can be compared. Generally speaking, coarse thread should be the best choice. Ratio with fine thread: due to the large pitch, the thread Angle is also large, self-locking is poor, in the vibration environment need to add anti-loose washer, self-locking device; The advantages are convenient disassembly and installation, complete standard parts, easy to exchange;

Fine pitch thread

Fine teeth and coarse teeth are on the contrary, in order to supplement the coarse teeth thread can not meet the special use requirements and specified, fine teeth thread also has pitch series, fine teeth pitch is smaller, so it is more conducive to self-locking, anti-loose, and the number of teeth, can reduce the effect of leakage, to achieve the effect of sealing. In some precision occasions, fine tooth stainless steel screw more convenient precise control, adjustment.
The tensile value, strength is lower than the rough teeth, and the thread is easy to damage, it is not recommended to disassemble multiple times, the matching nut and other fasteners may be as accurate, the size of a little error, easy to screw nut damage.
Fine pitch thread is mainly used in the metric pipe fittings of hydraulic system, mechanical transmission parts, thin wall parts with insufficient strength, machine parts limited by space and shaft with higher self-locking requirements, etc. The pitch of fine thread must be marked to distinguish it from coarse thread.

Post time: Feb-20-2021