Anyang Longteng Get BV Certificate

In order to promote the company’s strategy of opening up the international market and combining with the company’s business reality, the classification society certification work will be launched in early July 2021. So that the company completed the forensic work in time.

During the certification period, Bureau Veritas (Bureau Veritas) Bureau Veritas Ship Inspector conducted a comprehensive review of the company’s product production equipment, process flow, quality control and testing methods; checked relevant production records, technical data, and personnel Qualifications, etc. On August 11, 2021, the company’s heat-treated round steel, precision-machined bolts, and double-ended products passed the audit of Bureau Veritas with zero non-conformances, and issued the classification society certification (certificate) number: SMS .W.II./133227/A.0).

Bureau Veritas International Inspection Group is a world-renowned international inspection and certification group, and one of the institutions in the industry that has won governments and international organizations from all over the world. Site, equipment, ships, etc.) certification and related certification or mandatory management system services.

The French government recognizes the certificate as the company’s entry into the ship field, offshore facilities and official pass. It is highly professional and authoritative. While the ship of the certificate has achieved successful company technology, it has opened up new areas for the company and instigated the foundation for missions and education.


Post time: Aug-20-2021