Anchor Bolts for Brick Masonry

Anchor bolts are used in brick masonry extensively to make structural attachments and connections. To date, a limited amount of information has been available to aid designers in the selection and design of anchor bolts in brick masonry. This technical notes addresses the types of anchor bolts available, detailing of anchor bolt placement and suggested design procedures. A discussion of current and proposed codes and standards is also presented.


Anchor bolts are used in masonry construction with few or no guidelines for the practicing designer to follow. This technical notes offer basic information covering 1) the types of anchor bolts available for structural applications in brick masonry;2)typical details of proper anchor bolt installation; 3) suggested allowable anchor bolt design loads and 4)the current and proposed codes and standards governing anchor bolts in brick masonry construction.


In new masonry construction, anchor bolts are commonly embedded in walls and columns to support beams, plates and ledgers. In prefabricated panel construction, anchor bolts are used to facilitate connections to the structural frame. Renovation and rehabilitation of existing masonry structures usually require that anchor bolts be used to attach stair risers, elevator tracks and various frame assemblages for equipment installation. This is only a fraction of the possible uses of anchor bolts in masonry construction and with the increase of new, innovative architectural masonry designs, the uses of anchor bolts in masonry construction are likely to increase.

This technical notes is the first in a series on masonry anchors, fasteners and ties, and addresses anchor bolts for brick masonry.


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